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Leasing vs. Financing

Once you decide which Honda car, truck, van or SUV is right for you, it's time to think about buying vs. leasing. If you're not sure whether leasing or buying a Honda fits your budget and lifestyle best, our Honda finance experts are here to help. Visit our Honda dealership near Pearl City, HI, to learn more about your Honda financing options and get the keys to a new Honda you love!

There are many factors that go into choosing between buying and leasing a Honda. If you want to drive home in a new Honda Civic and then upgrade to a newer model in a few years without having to sell your car, then leasing a Honda is a great option. You'll likely have a smaller down payment and smaller monthly payments compared to a loan, too. However, if you're looking forward to long road trips or customizing your Honda with aftermarket Honda parts and accessories, it's best to finance a Honda instead. Check out other reasons to lease vs. buy a Honda, then stop by our Oahu Honda dealership to get the auto finance process started!


You should buy a Honda if…

  • You plan on driving your Honda for more than four years.
  • You like customizing your vehicle with Honda accessories and other aftermarket features.
  • You plan on driving more than 12,000 miles per year.
  • You'd prefer making monthly Honda car payments that will eventually lead to you ownership.

You should get a Honda lease if…

  • You don't want the future market value of your Honda to affect you.
  • You want to upgrade to a newer Honda model every few years because you prefer to drive the latest Honda model that's equipped with advanced technologies and features.
  • You'll stay within the set mileage of your Honda lease terms.
  • You would rather have a smaller down payment and lower monthly Honda payments.

Contact Pacific Honda to schedule a Honda finance appointment and discuss your ideal payment plan. Our knowledgeable auto finance experts are here to help!

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